What I got in New York

The week before Christmas, I was lucky enough to go with my family to New York City, where we stayed close to the public library and had plenty of adventures. New York at Christmas time is absolutely beautiful. I loved strolling around, shopping at Christmas markets, and seeing all the pretty displays and decorations. I did have a budget for shopping, and I wanted to show you my purchases! I pictured this post being full of clothes and beauty supplies, but as it turns out, it is almost completely art! However, I love art, and I am not complaining.

This is my one big non-art purchase. It is a Kate Spade passport holder. It’s navy, which matches my big travel purse and my passport! On the outside, in gold, it says “anything to declare?” On the inside, there are two folders on the left that are labelled for your passport and boarding pass. There is a zippered compartment behind these folders. On the other side, there are a ton of card slots, including an ID card slot, and a non-zippered compartment behind the card slots. On the back, there is another little compartment. I love this, and have wanted this for so so long. I got it from the flagship Kate Spade New York store, which was a four story experience in itself. Even if you don’t want to buy anything there, if you are in New York, you should go check it out. It’s incredibly cool.

All of these images were from the same artist who was located in the Christmas market by the public library in the park where I was staying. She is an incredibly girl, who was around my age! I had great conversations with her and with her mother. Here is a link to her page if you would like to go and check her out! She makes phone cases, prints, calendars, etc. She also does custom work if you contact her!

These two works were from another booth in the Grand Central Station Christmas Market. I love them…and I loved that whole booth. I could have spent months worth of money right there.


This was from yet another booth in the Grand Central Station Christmas Market. It’s a little darker than my other art, but I really love the message.

IMG_1678We managed to see two musicals while we were there. Wicked was one, and Les Mis was the other. Outside of Wicked, a man was selling these posters. He said that back when the play first came out, he went to the cast when they got out and got them to sign a whole bunch of these. Therefore, this is the actual original casts signatures! Totally awesome, and a great memory to have.


I did get one Christmas sweater. This is my third Christmas sweater ever, and I love it. One of my favourite quotes from one of my favourite movies, and very high quality and cozy!



This is a gorgeous necklace I got from a booth in a Christmas market in New York. They sold very geometric, plain jewelry, which I am really into right now!

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