Makeup Monday – Autumn Makeup!


It has been forever since I have done a makeup post on this blog. I love makeup, why don’t I do more tutorials?? I’ve even had two friends request specifically that I do more tutorials because they want to know some of my tricks. That’s it, I’m making a solemn vow right here right now to do more makeup posts. Anyway, I have a special place in my heart for fall makeup looks. When else do you get to literally make your eyes look like a bed of fallen leaves, use bright berry lip colours, and experiment with golds and oranges?? I thought this would be a great way to jump back into makeup blogging. So here is my current go to fall makeup look!


So this is the starting look. It’s also the only picture I left my glasses on for. I usually do wear my glasses everyday for all events, but I did take them off for the sake of you seeing the makeup clearly in this post. My skin starting off isn’t too bad, so take not that I did use a lighter foundation and I went easy on the amounts…you may want to adjust that if you have bad skin.


Here I have applied my concealer, foundation, and powder. My concealer is the Erase Paste by Benefit, but I am starting to get tired of it. I’m on the hunt for a new concealer, so if you have a recommendation, let me know. I used the L’Oreal True Match foundation in shade C2. It’s my go-to foundation and I love it. I just apply my foundation and my concealer with my finger, lightly dabbing it on until it blends. Next, I applied my powder, which is Bare Minerals “Bare Skin” in light to medium shade. I do tend to be generous with the amount because I like minimal shine.


Next I applied my bronzer, blush, and highlight. I’m using Hula Bronzer by Benefit. I have used it for years and I doubt I will ever change bronzer. I love it so much, and have missed it in the summer months (it didn’t combine well with my tan). To apply it, I used the MAC 129SE brush and gently guided it into my forehead, the hollows of my cheeks, and just on my jawline. I also applied it along the bridge of my nose. My blush is the marshmallow blush by the body shop. In all honesty, it is the only blush I have ever liked, and although I am experimenting, I may never switch products. I know blush is something most people play around with, but for me it feels as immovable as foundation. To apply, I used the MAC 168SE brush, and applied it to the apples of my cheeks in one or two quick brush strokes. Lastly, my highlighter is from the Urban Decay Naked Flushed palette. I actually bought this palette just for the highlight, and I don’t like or use the blush or bronzer that came in it as well. I applied this using the Sephora Professional shadow brush #12. I gently applied it to the sides of my nose, under my eyes, and under my brow line.


Sorry for the extreme close up, but I had to show you the eyes. I will try my best to say exactly what I did, but I really did play around quite a bit to create this look. First, I applied Yves Rocher loose pearls in colour 2A. This is a very sparkly, copper colour that looks amazing with blue eyes. Then, I used Half-Baked by Urban Decay from the inside corner to the middle along the top of the eye. Using a smaller brush, I applied that same colour under my eye from the inside corner to the middle. Next, I took Urban Decay Toasted and applied it from the outside corner to the middle of my eye along the top. Lastly, I took a matte light brown and dusted it lightly on a blending brush, and blended the entire eye out. My eyeliner is applied to the top and the waterline (make sure to do as thick a line as still looks classy on the top), and is Maybelline Unstoppable eyeliner in onyx. I used two different mascaras: Covergirl Super Sizer and Covergirl Lashblast Fusion.

Now the lipstick and the look is complete! I used Rimmel London Colour Rush in colour 300, “Viva Violet”. For some reason, this lipstick is showing up much more pink on camera than it does in person. It is really a berry-shade, very autumnal and bright. Really though, you could take any berry or dark red shade you possess and it would look great with this look.

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The BEST Hair Treatment

Ok….that title might be a little cocky. I just mean my favourite hair treatment. Or the hair treatment that worked the best on my hair. Anyway, it’s fantastic.

I just went to Turkey as well as to Greece, and this unfortunately resulted in quite a bit of damage to my hair. It was a mix of factors that did me in. First off, those tiny travel conditioner bottles make me quite conservative with the amount I use…so my hair was receiving much less than usual. Secondly, we were hiking and outdoors all day, so I felt so sweaty and grimy by evening that I was washing my hair every single day. Next, it was humid, and humidity has never been kind to my hair. And lastly, I was using a very cheap hair straightener, since I needed to buy a European one there. That thing was so hard on my hair that I winced every time I used it (and in that humidity, I had to use it at least a little bit in order not to be a bush ball).

This all meant that by the time I came back, my hair was very dry and brittle. So the second day I was home, I decided enough was enough and it was time for me to do something. Anyone who knows me knows that I do a coconut oil treatment on my hair once or twice a month as it is. However, at this level of damage, I needed to do much more than that. So what did I do?

1. A Coconut Oil Treatment 


Sometimes sticking to the classics is the best thing you can do, at least as a starting point:) All I did was the night before I showered, I took coconut oil and massaged it into my hair (just down the sides, focusing on the ends, not the scalp). Then I braided my hair and fell asleep.

2. Oil Infused Shampoo


This is L’Oreal Paris Oleotherapy Oil Infused Shampoo. I was so happy when I found this while shopping. It’s now my favourite shampoo. Before finding it, I was an exclusively Dove kind of girl, but this stuff was so amazing and smells so nice that I switched brands for it! It’s intensely hydrating, and always leaves my hair feeling healthy.

To use, I lathered this into my scalp. I did not bring my hair up and lather the entire thing…I just let the shampoo wash down over the rest of my hair when I rinse it all out. Shampoo is just for the scalp in my books.

3. Oil Infused Hair Mask

This is L’Oreal Oleotherapy Deep Recovery Hair Mask. It’s the same brand as the shampoo, but it’s a heavy heavy conditioner. On a normal basis, I use this once a week. The rest of the week, I just use the normal conditioner that comes with this brand.

To use, I kind of split my hair into pig tails in the shower. Then I take a dollop out and massage down my hair and into the ends on one pigtail (I don’t touch the scalp). Then I repeat with the other pigtail. This is just to make sure I’ve gotten every bit of hair. Then I rinse it all out!

And ta-da, my hair is now in better condition than before I left! It’s soft and lovely, and as my shocked mother said after touching it, it feels silky.

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My Everyday Spring Makeup


So I thought for my first time doing makeup on here, I would just post my quick, easy, everyday routine. This routine takes me ten minutes maximum and just gives me a nice, bright, everyday look.

 unnamed (3)

First I start with my concealer. I use the Benefit Boi-ing concealer, which I really like, but is quite heavy so I don’t wear a lot. I gently dab this under my eyes, around my nose, and on any spots of redness I may have. I just use my finger to dab it on, then I gently rub it in.

Next, I use my foundation. For this, I use the L’Oreal true match. I love this stuff. First off, it’s drugstore cheap,  which is a huge bonus. Secondly, it feels like a light moisturizer when I’m wearing it. I don’t feel it on my face at all, and in fact my skin feels nice after I put it on. I also apply this with my finger because I found it was so light that brushes were just pulling it off my face. I just put a dab on my cheeks, forehead, chin, and nose, then I rub it in. I apply more if necessary, but it’s almost never necessary.

Next is my powder. I use the Body Shop all in one face base. I know this is technically a powder foundation, not a foundation setting powder, but I’ve been using it as my powder for years and I love the look it gives me, so that’s what I will keep using. Using a big powder brush, I lightly sweep this all around my face.

Now I apply my bronzer. I love the bronzer I’m using right now: the Hoola benefit bronzing powder. It’s such a nice shade and so unbelievably soft…but it is a more expensive option. I again use another big powder brush and I apply this across my forehead, in the frogs of my cheeks, under my jaw line, and very lightly down the bridge of my nose.

Finally (for face items), I use my blush. I used to hate blush and I never wore it, but a while ago I found the marshmallow blush colour from the Body Shop and I fell in love. I just apply it lightly to the apples of my cheeks. And ta-da! On to eyes.

unnamed (5) unnamed (6)

For my eyebrows, I just brush them, then apply a chocolaty brown eye shadow from The Nudes palette by Maybelline New York. I’d love to say I have a professional technique…but I don’t. I really just brush it on until they look right.

Then I move on to eye shadow. Using my favourite palette (Naked by Urban Decay), I brush virgin all over my eyelid and naked in the crease, then I blend it out. That’s it. Simplest eye shadow look ever, and looks extremely natural while bringing out the blue in my eyes.

For my eyeliner, I just do a basic line on top and apply it to the waterline on the bottom. I’m using the Cover Girl perfect point plus pencil in the shade “espresso.”

My mascara is Cover Girl lashblast fusion. I really like the effect this has on my eyelashes, but it is the only mascara I have ever had that makes me want to use a lash curler because it is quite heavy. Normally my lashes are so long and have so much natural curl that I wouldn’t bother.

unnamed (4) unnamed (2)

Lastly, I use Mac Matte Candy Yum-Yum on my lips. Besides the silly name, this lipstick provides all day colour (I’m always scrubbing to wash it off at the end of the day) and I don’t feel it on my lips at all. I have discovered lately that Mac lipsticks are my favourite.

unnamed (1)

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What to Expect in the Near Future

So for the last little while, you may have noticed my posting has been a little disorganized. I’ve noticed it to…and don’t worry, it’s not because I’m losing interest in blogging. This is still early months for the existence of this blog and I’ve been putting a lot of thought into where I want this to go. I feel that the amount of different topics I talk about on here might be confusing to some readers, and that some of you might be interested in some of my content, but not all. I really want to be a lot more organized and have a clear voice, and not confuse you with all sorts of clutter. This has caused me to really look at the organization of blogs I like reading, and see what it is they do that I like. One blog I really love the organization of is Anna Saccone’s blog. Her layout really appeals to me, so I’ve decided to copy it somewhat….I just think with the amount of topics I want to write about, this layout will let me do that without being confusing to my readers.

So this means that I am going to have 7 categories….one for everyday of the week. This doesn’t mean I will be blogging everyday…my goal is 2 times per week. But each and every one of my posts will fit under one of these categories. The categories are:

Study Sunday – I am a student, and will continue to be a student for the foreseeable future. I have a lot to say about stress management, study methods, how to still have a life while you are in school…and I want to talk about all of these things

Makeup Monday – I love makeup, I am pretty good with makeup, and I try a lot of different products…honestly, with beauty being in this blog’s name, I’m kind of ashamed I haven’t talked more about this in the past.

Trendy Tuesday – This will be a bit more of an open category. I will talk about products or items that I have bought lately and loved…skin care, maybe a food processor, maybe just a new tablecloth….whatever really. Anyone who’s been reading me for a while understands how much I love doing haul posts;)

What I ate Wednesday – I am fully admitting to copying Anna on this category (sorry!!). In this one, I might talk about what I ate in a day, show you a recipe, or talk about healthy eating in general.

Throwaway Thursday – This is a throwaway category…as in, I can talk about anything that doesn’t fit into any other category. This might be positive thinking, reflecting on the past, updating you on what’s going on…anything really. The floor is open.

Fashion Friday – This is where I will put outfit of the day, or anything related to what I am wearing.

Home-Style Saturday – This is where I will talk about decorating, home decor, put apartment listings that I love….all sorts.

So those are the categories that you will see in the menu bar very soon! I also intend to up my social media presence….I’ve been pretty good with Instagram, but I have been getting increasingly lazy about Facebook and Twitter. I really want to get more involved with all of you and really get a feel for what you like and want to hear from me.

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