What I got in New York

The week before Christmas, I was lucky enough to go with my family to New York City, where we stayed close to the public library and had plenty of adventures. New York at Christmas time is absolutely beautiful. I loved strolling around, shopping at Christmas markets, and seeing all the pretty displays and decorations. I did have a budget for shopping, and I wanted to show you my purchases! I pictured this post being full of clothes and beauty supplies, but as it turns out, it is almost completely art! However, I love art, and I am not complaining.

This is my one big non-art purchase. It is a Kate Spade passport holder. It’s navy, which matches my big travel purse and my passport! On the outside, in gold, it says “anything to declare?” On the inside, there are two folders on the left that are labelled for your passport and boarding pass. There is a zippered compartment behind these folders. On the other side, there are a ton of card slots, including an ID card slot, and a non-zippered compartment behind the card slots. On the back, there is another little compartment. I love this, and have wanted this for so so long. I got it from the flagship Kate Spade New York store, which was a four story experience in itself. Even if you don’t want to buy anything there, if you are in New York, you should go check it out. It’s incredibly cool.

All of these images were from the same artist who was located in the Christmas market by the public library in the park where I was staying. She is an incredibly girl, who was around my age! I had great conversations with her and with her mother. Here is a link to her page if you would like to go and check her out! She makes phone cases, prints, calendars, etc. She also does custom work if you contact her!

These two works were from another booth in the Grand Central Station Christmas Market. I love them…and I loved that whole booth. I could have spent months worth of money right there.


This was from yet another booth in the Grand Central Station Christmas Market. It’s a little darker than my other art, but I really love the message.

IMG_1678We managed to see two musicals while we were there. Wicked was one, and Les Mis was the other. Outside of Wicked, a man was selling these posters. He said that back when the play first came out, he went to the cast when they got out and got them to sign a whole bunch of these. Therefore, this is the actual original casts signatures! Totally awesome, and a great memory to have.


I did get one Christmas sweater. This is my third Christmas sweater ever, and I love it. One of my favourite quotes from one of my favourite movies, and very high quality and cozy!



This is a gorgeous necklace I got from a booth in a Christmas market in New York. They sold very geometric, plain jewelry, which I am really into right now!

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What I got for Christmas 2015

Christmas was remarkable this year. I got to celebrate it with my cousins for the first time in years, as well as my Aunt and my mum and my brother. I was so lucky to be surrounded by family and good food and warmth. There was one sad note to it…it was my very first Christmas without my old dog. He used to get so excited at Christmas time. One year, he found his own gift under the tree and unwrapped it himself while we were eating!

I was also lucky this year in getting some amazing gifts from my family. Some are really interesting beauty items that I wanted all year, and some are complete surprises! Either way, they were all clearly bought with my exact wants and needs in mind, so I thought I would share them all with you!


This first one actually wasn’t a Christmas gift. I bought it for myself the day after Christmas! It was only 6 dollars, and I thought it was so cute, I just had to. I’m not a huge believer in boxing day shopping, but I just happened upon this when out and about, and there’s no harm in one little purchase!


This was an actual gift. This is the Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask. I got 5 individual masks in my stocking. I’ve been interested in this mask all year, so I put it on my Christmas list and Santa delivered! It’s a very intense mask, and I find it takes quite a bit of scrubbing to get off, now that I’ve tried it. However, the results are worth it. My face feels like a newborn baby’s.


These gorgeous eye-shadow brushes are too wonderful to describe! I haven’t used any of my other eye-shadow brushes since receiving these. Number 3 is the all over shadow brush and Number 4 is the crease brush. They make so many different looks so effortlessly, it’s really transformed my makeup routine.


This is the Bobbi Brown Full Coverage Face Brush. If you have never heard of it, listen close. This is the best thing you could do for your face when applying foundation. It doesn’t matter whether it’s powder foundation or liquid, this brush does it all. If you’re really in love with your beauty blender or some other method of applying foundation, that’s fine. I haven’t tried a beauty blender yet, I can’t judge. Use this then for setting powder. Or you could easily use it to apply some beautiful bronzer. Just use it…it’s the softest thing I have ever put near my skin, and everything it applies turns out incredibly flawless.

This was on every makeup enthusiast’s wishlist this year. Every single one. Not many got them though, as they sold out within two weeks. That of course naturally made me assume that I didn’t get one. There was no way. But as it turns out, my mother came through. I got the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit for Christmas!!!! I’m so overwhelmed by this I haven’t even started using it. I know I’m going to be using it so much this year though. I can’t wait to test it out!

This Tartlette Palette was on my Christmas list this year for two reasons. Firstly, I had heard lots of raving reviews about it, and second, I lack matte eye-shadows. Now I have lots! I love the natural browns and pinks in this palette and the pigments are so beautiful. They apply so so easily and so beautifully and I am so grateful to my aunt for getting me this.


This perfume I have been in love with all year. It’s the Kate Spade Walk on Air perfume. Every time I’m in a Kate Spade, I always almost buy it, then talk myself out of it at the last minute. Most of my scents are body sprays and lotions, not expensive perfumes. Most days those do just fine, but when I’m going out, or going to a nice event, I sometimes want to be wearing something a little more high end. This is my new go-to for times like that.


This was from one of my cousins, and wasn’t on any wishlist of mine. This particular cousin is a 13 year old boy with a nose for scent though, and he picked me up a Body Shop set of the most beautiful mango scent I have ever smelled. The set came with a body butter, a body scrub, and a body wash. I am actually almost through the butter and scrub, and the body wash has become my new go-to in the shower.


This is a Kate Spade Commuter Bag! The black is very toned down, which is unusual for me, but I really appreciate that in a professional commuter bag, especially because I like to play up colours in other aspects of my professional outfits. I think it will be my new go-to school bag, but I may still have to bring a backpack on days where I have a lot of textbooks and binders to tow around with me. This bag will last me years though. The material is so soft and so high quality that I can easily see this still being my main work bag 10 years down the road.


I won’t go over every bathbomb, bubble bath, and bath melt that I got from Lush, because I got a LOT. This should satisfy my obsession for a good long time. Believe it or not, this photo actually shows less than the total amount I got, as I had already used 2-3 by the time I took this photo!


This is a Kate Spade Elephant Bangle. I love it…it’s gold and sparkly, which suits me perfectly! I’ve already been wearing it a lot, but it will probably mostly wait until spring or summer, as I don’t tend to wear bracelets with long sleeves that often. Either way, I love elephants, I love sparkles, and I love gold!


This was my gift from my brother. It was something that was on my list last year, although I didn’t get it, but this year I didn’t put it on my list, as I had so many beauty item wants. It was a really pleasant surprise, and I can’t wait to start decorating my walls with Polaroids!


Lastly, I received three lipsticks from Santa. From left to right, I got:

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture in colour 28 – Rose Boheme

Yves Saint Laurent Volupte Sheer Candy in colour 08 – Iced Plum

Tom Ford in Bruised Plum

I have been using all of these colours obsessively since I got them, especially the Tom Ford colour. My latest manicure even matches the Tom Ford colour perfectly!

And that is everything I got for Christmas. I left out a few things that wouldn’t really interest people reading this blog, but that I still loved. A few books, a picture of my old dog, etc. I loved everything I got, and I feel really blessed and happy headed into this new year!

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September Favourites

I always forget to do a favourites post in a month, mostly because I can never remember what I’ve loved that’s brand new that month. This month however, I took pictures of new things as I tried them, and have been working on a draft of this post consistently through the month. Should I be focusing on school and not on beauty blogging? Probably. But I love doing this, so I’m doing it. Anyway, here it goes.


I tried a new line of Dove products this month and I LOVE them. I’m a sucker for any oil-based nourishing shampoos/conditioners, and this line is just perfect. This is a nourishing oil care daily-treatment conditioner, so it’s a little bit more effective than the normal conditioner. It has made a huge difference to my hair, and I am obsessed! Plus, I got it on sale!


This is the nourishing oil care leave-in treatment. This is basically a leave in conditioner, but it’s not quite as heavy/strong. You can in fact use conditioner in the shower, then use this after, and it doesn’t make your hair greasy, just shiny and nourished. I have been using it whenever I wash my hair (every 3 days) and it has made such a huge difference. I’ve never been one to touch my hair much after I leave the shower, but I am officially obsessed!


This is the nourishing oil care serum, which is mainly supposed to protect your hair against heat tools. I do tend to let my hair air-dry, so I rarely use this. When I do use this, it’s my favourite heat protector of all time. It works, it nourishes, and it smells INCREDIBLE.


This is The Experimenter bath bomb from Lush. I saw it in a gift box in Lush, and decided to get that entire gift box just to get this one bomb. I had never used it before, but I had seen it in other people’s vlogs. It is almost never available in Canada, so I was so happy when I saw it!! After trying it, I still love it…the scents and the colours are intoxicating. And it actually turns the bath a deep forest green, which I wasn’t expecting. It’s really sparkly though, so don’t be afraid to get covered in sparkles!!!


Confession: I bought almost every pumpkin scented candle they have at Bath and Body Works. I debated putting all of them in this post, but I figured most of you will have seen the fall pumpkin collection there anyway. So I decided to just put my favourite in case anyone was debating about which one to buy! This one smells delicious, but not too foody. It is cozy and warm, without being sickly. I love it and I never want it to run out…which is good, because despite burning it for hours, I’ve hardly made a dent!


I really need to work on taking pictures of necklaces…sorry this isn’t up to my standard. So I already showed this necklace in my What I got for my Birthday post about a month ago. However, since then I’ve worn it almost everyday. I’m not really a necklace person, and I don’t buy a lot of jewelry for myself, but I’m so glad my mother got this for me. I love it, and will continue to wear it far into the future.


And lastly, my favourite…I got a long plaid fall coat!!! I love it so much, and it looks so good on me. I’m almost cursing this warm fall we’re having here, because I want it to be cool enough to wear this everyday! I got it from the Jean Machine and while expensive, it was worth it. It’s actually a lot thicker than it looks, so it really has to be quite cool before it’s alright to wear the jacket, and I will be able to keep wearing it well into the winter. I don’t actually have a formal winter coat, so this will also have to pass for that until I get one! I’m thrilled, I love jackets, and I am so happy to get to wear this one.

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Stationary Haul

I LOVE school supply shopping. This year I decided to do it all through Indigo, because I’ve been loving everything in their office supply section. Between setting up a new desk and just moving, I had quite a few things on my list this year. I love what I got though and am so excited to share it!!


The first thing I got was this completely clear pencil holder with the big gold “&” symbol. It’s funny, I’ve never actually shopped for a pencil holder…they always showed up in the past somehow. It wasn’t until I was setting up my new desk that I realized I was lacking one suddenly! I loved this one the moment I saw it, and I think it goes so well with the rest of my desk.


I got a colouring book! I never thought of myself as the type of person who likes colouring books, but this one has been catching my eye everytime I’ve walked into chapters for the past couple of months. I finally just decided to pull the trigger and go for it. I’ve already coloured in one picture and I love it!!


I try to plan out my meals completely at the beginning of each week. I think it’s a great contributor to health as it means I’m cooking more, and planning around what groceries I have is fantastic for budgeting. I am always looking for new methods of organization, and the layout of this notepad really appealed to me. So far I think it’s wonderfully functional!


I actually got this notepad for free. There was a “buy 2 get 1 free” sale online, and this was the free item that I chose. Notepads are always useful, and I think this one is also pretty.

IMG_0085 IMG_0086

This booklet of different sized sticky notes is so useful!! I am constantly using stickies, but I’m always wishing for one that’s bigger or just a little smaller…there never seems to be the right size. Now I have all the sizes! And they’re gorgeous!!!


Sorry for the horrible picture…I really did try to get a good one, but for some reason I just couldn’t. This is a gold and white wall dry erase wall calendar! I was looking for a wall calendar decal since I moved, because I had free wallspace and I new it would be useful. This one suited my gold and white colour scheme and was just the right size. Love it!


So I’m not usually a pencil-case person, because the top pocket of my backpack has always served that purpose. However, I am in a phase of my life where a backpack is not always the appropriate choice for a business bag. Sometimes I take a large, professional purse instead. So I decided it was time to invest in a good pencil case. This one is small and tucks away easily, but big enough to hold quite a few pencils and pens. I love the design…the gold zipper, white front with the tag line, and the light pink back….it’s very me.

IMG_0091 IMG_0090 IMG_0089

I got three journals! A plain floral one, a coral-stripe one that says “take note,” and a navy one that says “explore.” I am one of those people who likes to have a huge collection of journals at all times. I’m always using them!! Food diaries, to-do lists, grocery lists, a new writing theme, class notes, travel journals, etc…I always need a bunch around. I love all of these ones, and I already am planning what to do with them.


You may or may not recognize these, because I had them in a blog post in my old apartment. I think these chalkboard wall decals are some of the most useful organizational tools ever to be invented. There is an endless list of reasons to need to write on your wall (packing lists, to-do lists, inspirational messages, etc), and I always had something written on all of these in my old apartment. When I moved, I couldn’t imagine not having another set in my new room!

IMG_0095 IMG_0094 IMG_0093

Lastly, I have you basic essentials! Pencil crayons, gel pens, and highlighters. I already have normal pens and pencils in abundance.

And there you have it! I am so ready and so excited for school to begin…although I believe that by the time you’re reading this, it will already have begun. So whether you returned to elementary school, high school, or higher education, I wish you the best of luck in all your coming studies!

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Trendy Tuesday – My Favourite Nail Colour!


So I recently moved to Toronto, and I have started having regular manicures instead of doing my own nails. This is because I have a fantastic but cheap nail salon, and my mother goes regularly herself, so it’s a great chance to catch up. Usually when I get my nails done I like to experiment with all the colours of the rainbow. Lately however, I’ve been repeating one nail colour over and over, because I LOVE it.

This colour is Blush Teddy by CND Shellac. It’s a lovely light pastel pink…very Kate Spade inspired I think (and Kate Spade is my favourite designer!!). I just love this colour so much, and while I probably will switch away from it soon for some fall inspired tones, this is going to be on my list of favourites for a good long time, and I think it will be the very first colour I come back to in the spring.


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My Favourite Scents

I like to smell good. To be honest, that’s a bit of an understatement. I have trouble functioning in a day if I think I smell bad. Even if I suddenly need to go out without makeup, in sweats, and my hair pulled back, I need to spray on a body spray before I leave the house. This doesn’t mean I like to smell heavily of musky perfumes…I prefer smelling light and fresh. Anyway, I have a lot of favourite scented products I’ve collected due to this, so here are my top choices!


My first product is a body butter, Wild Madagascar Vanilla from Bath and Body Works. I have to use body butter every single day when the weather is dry, and it’s the perfect opportunity to make my skin smell very good. I’ve found I don’t worry about lotions or soaps clashing with perfume and body spray because while perfume and body spray gives the air around you a nice smell, lotions and soaps make people realize how good you smell if they lean in close for any reason. Plus it makes your skin smell good just to you. Anyway, I love vanilla scents as my “heavy” scent, since they aren’t too heavy and they smell great. Also, I always find whenever I’m wearing any form of vanilla that I get non-stop compliments through the day.


My next product is my second favourite scented body butter! It’s Warm Vanilla Sugar from Bath and Body Works and it smells like a warm hug. It’s just comforting and doesn’t smell too strong, but keeps my skin smelling lightly good through the day.


This is my favourite body wash. The first time I got it, I sat in my living room smelling it for close to an hour (let that image sink in). It’s from Lush, and it is a totally indulgent expensive product. For me, splurging on a body wash is a total treat, but I understand not everyone feels this way. Anyway, it’s one of the best things I’ve ever smelled in my life, it’s made from natural products, and it’s totally moisturizing.


This is also a body wash! It’s Wild Honeysuckle from Bath and Body Works.This one is more reasonably priced. It smells like flowers and smelling it in the shower in the morning actually makes my day brighter and better.


This is a hand lotion from The Body Shop. It’s Madagascan Vanilla Flower, which is different from their plain vanilla scent. I’ve been buying this lotion for about 5 years now because I have never found another lotion that compares. It’s light and not heavy on my skin and has an incredible smell. Funny story actually, my mum doesn’t tend to like vanilla scents for body scents, but this smelled so good it made her stop and ask me what I was wearing because she wants to go out and get it!


This is my favourite everyday body spray. I’ve been wearing it for about 5-6 years, and I actually still look forward to putting it on in the morning because I love the scent. It’s Indian Night Jasmine, and it’s from The Body Shop.


Finally, this is also a body spray, and I got it as a recent whim because it was on sale. It’s more strongly scented than my usual body sprays, but it’s still floral and contains no hint of musk. It’s English Dawn White Gardenia from The Body Shop. I will give a warning though. I got the lotion that’s the same scent, and I hate it. I don’t think it smells nice as a lotion at all. However, the body spray is quite nice! Also, I’m not trying to sell these, but when I was adding the link I noticed that it’s 50% off!

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April Favourites

So I really did want to make a favourites post this month because there are a few new products I really want to talk about. However, I don’t have tons of new favourites this month, so this will be a shorter blog post. I hope that’s ok and that quality makes up for quantity!


The first thing I have to talk about is a pair of shoes…and not fashionable cute things either. These are my brand new walking shoes! In case you missed my last post, I am off to Turkey and Greece in just a few days! I am doing a course there, and to see all the sites we need to see for the course, there is going to be a lot of walking/hiking. A good pair of shoes was critical. To be completely honest, I picked these shoes because they were the cheapest and on sale (70 dollars woo!!). After walking in them though, they are literally the lightest, most comfortable things I have ever put on my feet. I could walk miles and miles in them and never get a blister. So if you need a pair of walking shoes, I totally recommend these ones: Sketchers GoWalk Walking Shoes.


The body shop makes travel size body butter!!!! I love body butter. I use it everyday because I have ultra dry skin and it’s the only thing thick enough to keep my skin hydrated enough that it doesn’t itch (and yes, I did try coconut oil!). In all honesty, I don’t know if I will need body butter in Greece or Turkey due to the higher humidity than Ottawa. If I do need it though, I can take it!


I exclusive use L’Oreal True Match Foundation. It is the only foundation I’ve ever used that feels so light and hydrating on my skin, and the coverage is light and perfect. Traditionally this foundation comes in a tiny bottle that I’m tipping onto the back of my hand before applying…quite annoying and wasteful. I was so excited last time I was in Shoppers and I found that they have released it with a pump!! No more waste:)


This is a gentle eye makeup remover from the body shop…and yes, it is travel size. I love that everyone is making travel sized products now. I don’t love this as much as my Clinique eye makeup remover, but it does the job, it’s gentle on my eyes, and it smells nice:)


I was looking for travel soaps, and then for travel lotions that I can take on the plane. Bath and body works had it all. Cost effective, and the biggest they can possibly be while still being tiny enough to be convinient. Also, while the lotion looks big, it is small enough to take through security. Also, there were literally dozens of scents to choose from!


Now back to the body shop for a moment, these are a very special travel shampoo and travel conditioner from The Body Shop. Despite being travel products, they are so effective that they are more like hair treatments to everyday hair products. They are also made from extremely natural and environmentally friendly ingredients. The shampoo is Rainforest Radiance and is made for coloured hair. The conditioner is Rainforest Moisture and is made for dry hair. They feel beautiful and luxurious and smells so nice…..it doesn’t feel like I’m using a travel product at all.

21064599 All-the-Bright-Places-jkt orphan-train-cover

These are three books I bought for the plane ride. I feel a bit funny about recommending them because I’ve only read the first few pages of each….but I’m already so in love with all of them that I don’t know which one to read first! Luckily it’s a long plane ride, so I should have time to read to my heart’s content.

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